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Farmer to Farmer Replication Programme

In order to ensure rapid access to financial services, sustainable and well-managed SFCALs were given the opportunity to replicate new SFACLs in neighboring villages. This approach has resulted in expansion of financial services in rural and remote areas.  In case of additional supports from the government and development agencies the replication programs can be expanded to all remaining municipalities to enhance financial inclusion in the country.

Features of Replication Program

  • Creation of a new cooperative in area where people are deprived of banking services
  • Low cost of providing financial services to under-banked and unbanked areas
  • Inclusiveness with empowerment of
  • Provision of both financial and non-financial services for the socio-economic development of small farmers/marginalized communities.
  • Social c capital formation and assets creation in local level
  • Proven effective model for hills and remote areas.