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Microfinance Wholesale Credit

SKBBL provides wholesale, short-term credit to its partner SFACLs and other coops in order to extend retail credit to rural women, Dalit, poor and deprived communities. Wholesale credit is provided to finance mainly for agribusiness and income generating activities. Targeted communities in which the SKBBL invests through partner cooperatives are:

  • Families or persons with land ownership of maximum 15 ropanis in hills and mountain region or 1 bigha in Terai region and have food sufficiency for less than a year
  • Families or persons who do not have regular earnings/incomes and are unable to fulfill basic needs 
  • Back-ward and marginalized communities, Dalit, Madhesis, poor, women, and micro/small agriculture entrepreneurs
  • Youth engaged in commercial agriculture/ livestock business.

SKBBL provides wholesale credit to cooperatives that meet the minimum eligibility criteria stated below.

          Eligibility criteria to Obtain Wholesale Credit from SKBBL

  1. Licensed to provide financial services to members/clients from the regulator
  2. At least two years’ experience of providing financial services to members
  3. Minimum of 375 members with at least 50 percent women
  4. The practice of maintaining the up-to-date account and regular annual audit and AGM 
  5. No delinquent loan with BoDs, employees, and their family members
  6. Minimum financial indicators:
    • Annual repayment rate: >90%
    • The ratio of internal resource to outstanding loan: > 40%
    • Operational self-sufficiency: >100%
    • Non-Performing loan ratio: <5%
    • Net worth:  positive