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Farmer to Farmer Replication Program

In order to ensure easy access to financial and non-financial services in a sustainable manner, SFCALs are given the opportunity to replicate new SFACLs in neighboring villages. This approach has resulted in the expansion of financial services in rural and remote areas. It is worth mentioning that CGAP/World Bank has awarded US $ 50,000 for replication of the SFACL model in nook and corners of the country.

Features of Replication Program

Creation of new cooperatives in areas where people are deprived of banking services,

Providing financial services at a low rate to under-banked and unbanked areas,

Empowerment of women through their active participation in the program,

Provision of both financial and non-financial services for the socio-economic development of small farmers/marginalized communities.

Social capital formation and assets creation at the local level. 

Proven effective model for hills and remote areas.

Business Expansion Program

In order to extend financial services to the deprived poor, women, Dalits, indigenous and backward communities at a faster pace, SKBBL implements a business expansion program through its partner cooperatives.  The business expansion program has resulted in the expansion of financial services within the working area of SFACLs and in neighboring communities as well.

Livestock protection Program

Animal husbandry is undoubtedly a risky business but, it holds promising prospects of a profitable business. Therefore, to protect small farmers from financial shocks due to the loss of animals, a community-managed livestock protection program has been in operation.  Apart from this program, SFACLs also provide livestock health services to the farmers through local veterinary technicians and doctors.

Capacity Development Programs

           A. International Training, Seminars and Observational Tours

SKBBL’s staff, as well as senior management level authorities, continuously participate in seminar, training, observational tours, and other programs conducted by the Center for International Cooperation & Training in Agricultural Banking (CICTAB), the Asia-Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (APRACA) and other agencies in foreign countries. Such programs are expected to sharpen the knowledge and skills of staff. 

          B.  Institutional Capacity Development Program Through Training and Seminars

SKBBL has continuously organized program review workshops, training, and seminars for the capacity enhancement of SFACLs. Training programs include Financial Management, Financial Analysis, Business Planning, Cooperative Management, Book-keeping and Accounting, replication program, Supervision and Evaluation of Cooperatives, etc. The financial resources provided by the Government have contributed significantly to undertaking these activities. 

Capacity Development Programs

Microfinance services alone are not enough to uplift the living standard of small farmers. SFACLs therefore, have implemented many programs by utilizing their internal resources with the assistance of the Government of Nepal for the overall development of small farmers. These programs include skills-oriented community training, social programs on education, health, drinking water, environment conservation, maternal and infant welfare scheme, community development programs, construction of bridges, roads, schools, irrigation, and reforestation. These programs are implemented with the voluntary service of farmers, financial resources of SFACLs, and some support from outside.