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Renewable Energy Program

SKBBL has been providing Small Farmer Environment and Renewable Energy Credit Program since April 14, 2014, with technical support from UNCDF / Clean Start. The program's objective was to create greater access to Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) like the Solar Household System, Biogas and Improved Cook Stoves to small-scale farmers by providing microcredit to them through Small Farmers Agriculture Cooperatives Ltd. (SFACLs). In essence, SKBBL provides wholesale credit to SFACLs, which then provide microcredit to its members to buy RETs. A minimum of 40,000 RETs and microcredit loans need to be made accessible to small-scale farmers under this program. 

Another one of SKBBL's objectives is to make households of small-scale farmers smoke-free and equipped with lighting through renewable energy. . This is a three years program operating with slogan 'small farmers' house smoke less house with light'. The Project is Succesfully completed, and its continually going on.