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Capacity Development Program

International Training, Seminars, and Observational Tours

SKBBL’s staff, as well as senior management level authorities, continuously participate in seminar, training, observational tours, and other programs conducted by the Center for International Cooperation & Training in Agricultural Banking (CICTAB), the Asia-Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (APRACA) and other agencies in foreign countries. Such programs are expected to sharpen the knowledge and skills of staff. 

Institutional Capacity Development Program Through Training and Seminars

SKBBL has continuously organized program review workshops, trainings and seminars for capacity enhancement of SFACLs. Training programs include: Financial Management, Financial Analysis, Business Planning, Cooperative Management, Book-keeping and Accounting, replication program, Supervision and Evaluation of Cooperatives, etc. The financial resources provided by the Government have contributed significantly to undertaking these activities.