From Member of a Small Farmer Group to Board of Director

A role model in her community, Laxmi Dawadi has climbed the ladder to become a Board of Director for the Pokhara-Sarangkot-based Small Farmer Agriculture Cooperative Ltd. (SFACL). Her main agricultural activities are tomato farming, since the soil in the region allows for tomatoes to be harvested 11 out of 12 months in the year, and buffaloes for milk consumption.




Three-tiered structure

Dawadi first formed a “Small Farmer Group” (SFG) with several other women in Sarangkot. Collectively, they made decisions on which loans to take out, how much to save, and which development programs to actualize for the community. 

After being appointed to be the Chair of an Inter-Group, which combines two or more SFGs together, Dawadi was able to voice any concerns she had to the Board of Directors (BoD). 

With the BoD, she has had the opportunity to formulate plans and policies in accordance with what farmers say they need, as well as help other board members appoint staff to continue carrying out necessary activities.


By Astara van der Jagt
July 31, 2019