Support and Collaborations

The Government of Nepal


Government of Nepal (GoN) has been significantly supporting to the small farmer program from the beginning of this program. GoN had invested NRs. 20 million as share capital at the time of establishment of SKBBL as one of the major promoters. The shares held by GoN have been sold to SFACLs through offloading. GoN has been contributing each year through grant support for capacity building of SFACLs, replication of SFACLs, trainings and seminar, community and society development program, livestock promotion program and livestock security program. The financial institution had borrowed NRs. 90 million from GoN's Youth and Small Entrepreneur Self Employment Fund in the past and the bank has already repaid the borrowing to the fund. In addition, the financial institution has got responsibility of providing livestock credit for promotion of meat and dairy production through SFACLs to individual farmers for livestock promotion worth NRs. 7 Billion provided by GoN.

Nepal Rastra Bank


The financial institution has been receiving credit from the rural self-reliance fund of Nepal Rastra Bank for the purpose of microfinance. In addition to this, the financial institution has got credit of NRs. 10.8 Million for implementing the Community underground Water Irrigation Sector Project through SFACLs. This financial institution has got responsibility from NRB for monitoring and supervision of 11 SFACLs which have got license from NRB for limited banking transactions. This financial institution has always received constructive support from NRB as the regulating agency.

Asian Development Bank

Asian development Bank has always remained one of the major supporters of this bank. ADB had provided crucial support, specifically, in the area of study and analysis of status of this financial institution and affiliated SFACLs, formulation of planning the restructuring program, computer software and hardware, purchasing generator, capacity enhancement of weak SFACLs, consulting services, and expansion of microfinance service in hilly and mountainous areas. Currently, the financial institution has been implementing livelihood credit and training program with financial and technical support from ADB in earthquake affected areas. Initial study is going on for possibilities of opportunities to involve farmers in agro value chain and provide them benefit of the value chain.

Nepal Agriculture Central Cooperatives Federation

This financial institution has been cooperating with NACCFL in capacity enhancement and development of the SFACLs. NACCFL has also been working in area of capacity enhancement of SFACLs and providing them non-financial services. In addition, the federation has been providing technical service in the work of replication and consultancy service in relation with replication of SFACLs.

Banks and Financial Institutions


Several banks and financial institutions have regularly providing financial assistance to this financial institution in the form of Deprived sector lending. Currently around 50 percent of total resources of this financial institution constitute the deprived sector lending from majority of ‘A’ class commercial banks and some development banks and finance companies.


SKBBL has partnered with UKaid Sakchyam Access to Finance Programme (Sakchyam) to introduce “Digitization of SFACLs and Expansion of Access to Finance in Karnali Province of Nepal” project, to cater to smallholder farmers in the Karnali Province. Through this partnership, Sakchyam is supporting SKBBL to establish a branch office, 40 new Small Farmer Agriculture Cooperatives Limited (SFACL) in Karnali province and digitize 250 SFACLs. The project “Digitization of SFACLs and Expansion of Access to Finance in Karnali Province of Nepal” has been approved with grant amount of 50 percent of expenditure  to be provided by Sakhhyam, Access to Finance and the rest to be borne by SKBBL. For the purpose, branch office of SKBBL has been established in Birendranagar, Surkhet. The project is approved for the period of 2 years



IFAD has been providing its support to the financial institution through ministry of agriculture of GoN for the purpose of promotion of SFACLs and expansion of services through replication programs in 45 thousand small farmer families of sevenix districts of Mid-Western and Western Development region namely Rukum east,Rukum West, Rolpa, Salyan, Pyuthan, Gulmi, and Arghakhanchi districts. Under this program, Kisanka lagi Unnat Biu Bizan KAryakram-KUBK, (seedlings and seeds for farmers program) This program is conducted with the joint support of Nepal Government, Ministry of Agriculture Development and International Fund For Agricultural development-IFAD. Under this program the Bank and NACCFL is establishing 30 SFACLs in Rukum, Salyan, Pyuthan, Rolpa, Arghakhanchi, and Gulmi districts. Under this program NACCFL will focus on institutional establishment while SKBBL will focus on capacity development and enabling access to finance. After the mid-term assessment of the effectiveness of this program by IFAD, program to replicate 45 additional SFACL's has been initiated in the same districts. 


 CECI-Nepal has been on the ground in 40 districts within in five priority regions. It is the most active Canadian international development organization working in the field of economic and social development.CECI has been providing regular technical support to this financial institution by sending Canadian Volunteers having knowledge and experiences in different sectors as well has been providing financial support for conducting training programs for the Israel return students.

United Nations Capital Development Fund(UNCDF)

In cooperation with UNCDF, the financial institution is implementing Clean Start Nepal program for providing access to renewal energy 40 thousand small farmers' households. This will provide opportunities to the children of small farmers to get education during night time. Under this program financing facilities has been provided to small farmers for installing solar panel, improved cook stove, and bio gas plant.

Asia and Pacific Rural Agricultural Credit Association (APRACA)

SKBBL has got membership of APRACA. The financial institution has been representing in different programs organized by APRACA.

Centre for International Cooperation and Training in Agricultural Banking , India(CICTAB)

This financial institution has remained an active member of CICTAB India along with other members such as Nepal Rastra Bank, Agricultural Development Bank, and other BFIs of Nepal. CICTAB has been involved in providing training to staffs of this financial institution and SFACLs. Since last three years staffs of the financial institution have been doing graduate diploma course in cooperative business management at Baikuntha Mehta National Cooperative Management Institution.

Centre for Microfinance (CMF)

SKBBL has held shares of the Centre for microfinance- a not for profit company. CMF has been supporting in area of capacity development/building of the staffs of the financial institution and the affiliated SFACLs.


From the very beginning, GIZ, then GTZ, had been providing important support in institutional development of Small Farmer Development Program. GIZ had supported in various programs such as establishment of SFACLs, capacity enhancement of SFACLs and development, replication program, service expansion, higher education to staffs of the financial institution and international visits also for small farmers, and so on.